goodness it takes a long time to make internet
website dot com

im working on it i promise

current projects
Copra: Round Two
The second trade paperback of the butt-kickingest series around is on its way. Collects issues 7-12. Published by Bergen St. Press, book design by me and Fiffe.
#2 of the benefit anthology series I'm co-editing at Northwest Press also features a story I wrote with David Seltzer featuring his character Mech Pilot Laika called GODS OF THE BATTLEFIELD.
Love Machines
I'll be joining Josh Trujillo and JB Wolfe for the LOVE MACHINES panel at Emerald City Comicon Saturday the 28th. Come say hi!
I'm still editing/organizing the Funnies page in the back of Savage Dragon (nearly) every month. Lots of amazing people involved. :)

new art
recent & semi-recent things. trying to do more coloring of my drawings, and i'm messing with this completely unfamiliar style where i draw, color, then erase the line art. more of that to come

books / comics / etc
The American Way
Here's my cover for Ben Bailey's prose novella.
Dead Wax
My dad's rock-n-roll crime mystery novel is available on Kindle. Check it out!
Captain Ultimate
I'm still lettering this all-ages Monkeybrain title, but it's on hiatus while we get issues in the can so we can release them on a consistent monthly schedule again when we return. Hoorayyyy
Rum Row
A very fun, promising comic from Andrew Maxwell & Michele Bandini I lettered a little while ago. Speakeasies in the sky!
Dark Horse Presents
I lettered a really fun story with Joe Casey & Jim Rugg in DHP #5.
idiot garbage comics
This thing I threw together for last year's PDX Zine Symposium will be available for sale again (along with all the other minicomics) soon.

im p bad at the social medias but here are the things. haha ello

lastly: invisible sam
this is an old comic i did years ago. it was republished in 2013 in color in an anthology called IGNITION but that book is kind of difficult to get ahold of. i sort of want to reprint the story on my own again but i dunno if i should bother--it's so old and cringe-inducing. if you think i SHOULD, holler at me :)